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— [HQ!!] A Sigh to Behold




[x] ‘Iwa-chan’; iwaoi
[x] Injuries; iwaoi
[x] Insecurity; iwaoi
[x] Inquiry; iwaoi
[x] Tongue-tie and it’s inevitable consequences; iwaoi
[x] Let me wipe away (your sweat, your tears, your body); iwaoi
[x] Photograph; iwaoi(iwa)

[x] Slip; bokuaka





Timeline (complete)
iwaoi drabble series written for fictober 2016 challenge
(1) คิตะกาวะไดอิจิ | (2) อาโอบะโจไซ | (3) มิยางิ-โตเกียว | (4) รักแรก | (0) ชอบ




abo!au series written for novelber 2016 challenge

Where My Love Goes (complete)
iwaoi, matsuhana, brief mention of other side pairings
(0) when all vivid things turn black
(1) cocooning until you become a raccoon
(2) fluffy feeling like a cotton candy
(3) I wanna crack open your god damn mask
(4) like a fool
(5) will you please hold on to this keychain
(6) leave the scents on this sweater
(7) unread messages
(8) a pile of lies
(9) in the heat of depression
(10) sing me a lullaby
(11) surprise for Christmas
(12) stay away from the knife
(13) healing spirit
(14) bedroom experiments
(15) blank bedsheets
(16) welcoming the unpleasant panic attack
(17) almost forget
(18) led by the street lamps
(19) it takes a thousand days to get over death
(20) brick by brick

Side story
(x) Hey bro, there’s a huge problem with this laundromat | bokuaka

(x) A Sight to Behold | iwaoi a_new04_6




An Adventure in Everyday Life of Goshiki Tsutomu (AIEL)
doctor!au. a collection of short fictions.

(Spotify playlist: n e b u l a.)
(x) TRAUMA; with love, fractured femur, and pneumohemothorax | iwaoi
(x) DATE; breakfast, lunch, and dinner | iwaoi
(x) TOUCH | iwaoi  
(x) 3 AM CHOCOLATE | iwaoi
(x) TABOO | iwaoi
(x) FIRST | iwaoi; hbd iwa-chan 2017
(1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5) NEBULA | iwaoi
(x) LAST | iwaoi; hbd oikawa-san 2017 
(x) RESTART | iwaoi 
(x) MIDNIGHT | iwaoi
(x) FLU | iwaoi
(x) DRUNKEN | iwaoi; companion piece to drink, drank, drunk
(x) RAIN | iwaoi

(x) Drink, Drank, Drunk | matuhana
(x) Delirium | matsuhana




another abo!au. unplanned pregnancy. end game: iwaoi.
(0) | (1) | (2) | (3) | (4) | (5)